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10 areas for improvement
How can we empower you through the planning process?

During planning meeting, LAC's should listen to the Participants needs and disabilities not assuming that it doesn't affect the participant the same way to another participant that have the similar conditions. LAC's need to understand all disabilities regardless its mild, moderate or severe, there are disabilities that can be related or duel diagnosis and can interfere with the participant's life and independence. gathering evidence every single meeting for the same conditions that are unlikely to improve and permanent is time wasting for the client and professionals. It might show the participant maybe stable but the chances of their conditions improving is very unlikely.
By saying to the participant that Medicare Chronic Care Plan for services the participant is seeking may not be sufficient due to having 5 sessions for over 10 services, may been used for multiple professions on the Medicare Chronic Care Plan.

What is the best way to provide supports for those not in the NDIS?

Services for all disabled people who do and don't have NDIS . It would make it easier for all disabled community to decide if they need to decide to apply for the NDIS early or later in their disability.
Having services working together for participants on the NDIS rather than participants going to hospitals, specialist etc just to be turned away due to them being on the NDIS. If the participants are in need of help for any reason, they don't need to hear go back to NDIS and say you are in crisis. Hospitals, Specialists that are funded by Medicare, both Federal and State Governments can help the participants until they can see their specialist that is funded by NDIS.

How can the market be better designed, structured and supported?

Price differences between private sector and NDIS is huge. Cleaning services charging NDIS $250 - $300 for approximately 1 hour for 1 house where in the private sector is approximately $100 - $150 for approximately 1 hour work. Same with gardening where $250 for small to medium lawn and garden, that pricing could be more suited to medium to large lawn and garden maintenance where small to medium lawn and gardening maintenance around $80 and medium lawn and maintenance.
Good services have good communication skills, problem solving between company, workers and participants. Providing consistent and skilled/trained workers. Having good relationships between company/worker and participant is more rewarding vs monetary value alone. Participants are happy for services provided, more participants will sign up to the service vs participants leaving the company or won't sign up due to bad reviews via word by mouth or internet reviews.
Right training for workers and appropriate training for the future can help to keep workers. Listen and Understand Participant and workers needs and value both participants and workers as a whole.

What does good service from someone helping you navigate the NDIS look like?

Having Support Coordinators understand your needs and not rushing you off the phone or video call/office or home visit, making excuses on why they don't don't want to do home visits. Easier to contact when need them rather than being ignored. Having good support coordinator hours for participants so they can get help when needed e.g. 20 hours vs 40 hours in a 12 month plan on level 2 support coordination. 5 - 10 hours vs 15 hours on 12 plan month plan. Each participant have their own needs and struggles in understanding NDIS