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Submission SUB-B2T0-000287 (Maree)

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General submission
What are your three main problems or concerns with the NDIS?

I just received a offer and excepted it and now it is only for 12 months and I am scared in 12 months I will end up at the AAT again. It’s scary.
I want to be able to work and I would have loved that to be in my plan but I am to scared to ask.
I have great qualifications and if I had the support package I could be working.
I am worried as I have not got the equipment I need and they only gave me $250 low costs and with spinal issues I am wondering how I am going to get out the house still and I have 5 OT reports stating that it is dangerous as if there is a fire I cannot get any help and I will die as my ramp is 5 times steeper then the Australian standard and it’s to thin so I still can’t get outside my house but I am to scared to say anything as I know I will end up back at the AAT.
I know due to neglect that a lawyer and barrister have asked me if I would like to take my matter further as I have been fighting for 4 years and a week before court they offered me things. That is not fair. I am not taking this to sue anyone as I feel I want to work in with the NDIS and be able to work on learning how to live with my disability and also how to work as the mainstream system will not help me at all as they said it’s up to the NDIS.

Don’t keep everyone in 1 box as you need to work in a holistic way with people as not everyone fits in that box.

How do these three main problems affect you and/or others?

Fist No Equipment so I am having falls and breaking bones like femur and hips ect.
Second return to work as I really want to feel good and be able to support myself with my disability.
Not been able to get out of my house as the ramp is so bad my wheelchair would fall off to a metre drop and I would end up in hospital again so that is equipment.
Scared of been alone as I only sleep 2 hours a night and I am scared alone and I am trying to pop tablets none stop to stop the panic attacks and it’s not working.

I can’t see my Dad who is next door and Dad is elderly and can’t get up to me so I have no way to visit him. Not been able to see people in person is really hard. I feel like I am not apart of the community.

What do you think are possible solutions to those problems?

To be able to help me with equipment.

To be able to help with job employment apart you have.

To be able to ring up and talk to me as I would love to sit down with someone and talk and I have tried this for nearly 4 years and just got yelled as my phone tapes calls so been listened to would be great.

Maybe look at employment for me working in the mainstream as I know the system so well and I feel like more people like myself would be so helpful towards the NDIS.

Don’t keep everyone in 1 box as you need to work in a holistic way with people as not everyone fits in that box.

What parts of the NDIS are working well for you?

They have gave me a new plans with sleep overs and also support in the day. After 31 reports and X-rays and scans.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell the NDIS Review?

I feel it’s taken to long and to many reports. I feel that they are not a expert and I feel that people are not listen too. I feel like people could move forwards with achieving goals if they worked more in a holistic way.