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10 areas for improvement
How can we empower you through the planning process?

There needs to be people on the ground that help with application and helping people write goals. I find LAC's etc have very little experience, empathy and approach the process for participants as just a paperwork exercise. Rather than listening to what they really need help with.

What is the best way to provide supports for those not in the NDIS?

I wouldn't agree with this. There are very little supports offered in the community for people with a disability therefor the only option is applying and having these supports funded.

How you would define reasonable and necessary?

It is a broad statement, I'm not sure how to simplify it as every one has different reasonable and necessary requirements.

What is the best way to support children with disability… and those with emerging developmental concerns?

I think there is such a demand and there are waitlists for therapists so often kids are funded but as there is a shortage in areas they are missing out on the early intervention for a year at a time as they wait for a spot. There should be mandatory rooms available in a school setting for working families to access these therapies during class time. Working with teachers to get better educational outcomes for children.

How can the market be better designed, structured and supported?

Making uni students and allied health more available for use while children wait on waitlists for therapy.

How would you build better outcomes or goals into your plan?

Providing supports for families, often with children and teens, families have other children to care for. It is impossible to connect with family, support the child with a disability to try new things as there are unable to give the 1:1 attention to the child as there are other kids to look after. This means everyone misses out as they aren't funded for support to assist with this.

What does good service from someone helping you navigate the NDIS look like?

Lived experience!!!!
Specialised training on the NDIS, not just admin staff with no understanding of living or caring with someone with a disability.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell the NDIS Review?

Carer burnout is very real, when parents are crying out for a few hours of respite don't deny this.
The ramifications can be a lot worse, many of us do not have family or informal supports to help.
We are drowning in the health appointments, therapy, day to day 1:1 caring, feeding and juggling other siblings.