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Submission SUB-B4P7-001091 (Amy)

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What are your three main problems or concerns with the NDIS?

My three main problems and concerns with ndis are 1 when I make a complaint I feel it never gets heard and 2 I feel alot of support workers can easily take advantage of us as they can work without having to really have any qualifications and 3 I find also when I go to a review asking for funding its hard to get what I want because these people don't really know me or what I may really need to access the community they just read the reports but then if that doesn't match up to what happens with the next 12 months it cam be hard to communicate this the expectations of this ndia worker can be really unreasonable sometimes especially when u have a disability which won't ever mean u will become independent and they are always expecting u to be more and more independent at each review this can be an unfair experience at each meeting they should be more trained to each individuals needs

How do these three main problems affect you and/or others?

I feel 1 the complaint process makes u feel u aren't being heard at all

2 the support workers not being regulated means u are at risk of being harmed

3 this review process and the ndia planning issue can affect ur plan for every 12 months ahead

What do you think are possible solutions to those problems?

1 the complainst process and the complaints of each individual ndis participant madd should be taken very seriously and followed up

2 each support worker working for ndis before being able to bill to any ndis plan manager ect should be made to have passed some compliance ect or safety check and police screen ect I am not sure prior to any pay slip im not sure about this issue for abuse reasons and fraud prevention maby ??

And this last issue there needs to maby be specific training on different departments like autism and physical and maby nurodiverse and mental health complex planning ect for each ndia planner to have background in the planning of a participant plan or possibly planners have disabilities themselves rather than just random people thrown into making the decisions for us as I have had a planner when I asked for continence aids make a comment to me that I should do pelvic floor exercises these kinds of things shouldn't be said its about the training of people and knowing why someone needs such aids

What parts of the NDIS are working well for you?

Currently I have a good support team and I also am learning over the years what I need to help myself to slowly grow within my disabilities to learn to improve my situation.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell the NDIS Review?

I also believe there should be more opportunities for participants to meet other participants in the community.