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Submission SUB-B5W5-002017 (Anonymous)

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10 areas for improvement
How can we empower you through the planning process?

There is not enough communication between the access team and prospective participants.
The extra required evidence is not ask for in a smile way for people with disabilities to understand.

What is the best way to provide supports for those not in the NDIS?

There should be more affordable occupational therapists in this sector that can be paid for by Medicare

How you would define reasonable and necessary?

Make sure that the can and can not are in dot point and are clear.
For example:
You can't not use your funds for a holiday.
But then explain what the NDIS will cover is a participant wants to go on a holiday.

What is the best way to support children with disability… and those with emerging developmental concerns?

There a long waits for therapies for young children this area needs a lot of work done and more supports are needed in this area. Waits can be up to 12 months for children. Making it stressful for parents and children

How can the market be better designed, structured and supported?

Once a participant gains access to the NDIS they should be provided with a list of supports in their local area.
Or LAC's should have better knowledge of the supports in the area. And be willing to help those who are not streamed for their supports.

How should outcomes and performance be measured and shared?

Give providers such as Support Coordinators LAC's more information on what providers are in place and local for participants

How would you build better outcomes or goals into your plan?

Make it easier to add in extra supports during the life of a plan for those who are advancing to their goals quicker

What does good service from someone helping you navigate the NDIS look like?

Support coordinators do not have enough knowledge of their job. There should be qualification to become a SC because it is a very important job to participants and their families

How should housing and living options be improved to build a good life?

This would be a hard one to control.
But making home modifications easier to obtain would be helpful for participants wanting to live in certain areas

How should the safeguarding system be improved for a better NDIS?

The safeguards call centre team need more training as their knowledge is not the greatest

Is there anything else that you would like to tell the NDIS Review?

Being able to get in contact with the higher teams would be much easier to get information so participants have better knowledge and information of their plans, reviews and any other queries