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Submission SUB-B6B2-001678 (Sarah Ashton)

Submission reference
Individual's name
Sarah Ashton

Feeing safe to me is the environment that I am currently able to still live at home but with help from support providers. To have team that I feel I can trust my home whether I am there or not. People I can trust to attend medical appointments with me. People I feel I can trust to give them access to my home (accessed electronically). A team I have built over the last five years.I am very grateful for the NDIS, I have a team around me who are genuinely interested in my wellbeing and care fore me as a person. I wish all participants felt as safe and as well cared for, as I do.

Comments on the three ideas for change:

1) Create an NDIS-wide strategy on participant safeguarding Comment: MUST be outcomes based with quantifiable and qualifiable targets

2)Work with participants to understand risk and build safeguards. Comment: Should be more random audits by the NDIS to confirm that clients feel and are safe. I am aware of clients for whom this is not necessarily the case.

3)Improve the variety of safeguards available to participants. Comment: Every NDIS Participant should be issued with a card (similar type of laminate to Medicare card) with NDIS name and client number, and region they are from, on the front, and, on the back, an emergency hotline, as well as the NDIS support line phone numbers / complaints line). People should be able to ring number and asked to be put through to their region. The call centre they are put through should be able to immediately pull up NDIS client's file on line instead of the client having to tell their story over and over again, with every inquiry they make ( which is what they have to do now).

Other Safeguards would best support clients.

There should be community service advertisement on television with a phone number that clients can contact if they feel they are being abused either emotionally, financially or physically. That should be regular over. television, the radio, on Facebook , the internet. People do not know where to get help they need it as it stands