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Submission SUB-B8C5-001158 (Anonymous)

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What are your three main problems or concerns with the NDIS?

Number one there is not enough governance over service providers that are actioned by the NDIS support coordinator for my sister. This service provided at times was appalling, caused more stress than help, and meant hours and hours and hours of wasted time trying to communicate back with support coordinators. If there was proper governance over this this service would’ve been better and time would not of been wasted And more mental damage on my sister would not have occurred. The allocated support coordinators do not work enough with family as a team. What I have noticed in three years is that they will push family away instead of having the ability to actually engage the family members to help provide more better support. The allocated time per week for a support coordinator to assist my sister was 1.6 hours this was nowhere near enough to provide the service or for her to be able to even engage with the NDIS funds provided to her which was 100,000 K per year. This was not used effectively because the support coordinator, did not have the time to get there courts in place properly.

Second issue. Calling NDIR day or NDIS on the phone is an absolute nightmare. The persons that we often spoke to had no idea what they were talking about. Had no access to my sisters records or previous information. They were offered many many many errors that occurred, that caused an incredible amount of stress to the family. We were often told that NDIR day or NDIS would call us back. We are never given a time of when they would call although I will never clear on who they would actually call. Either being the client, my sister, me being the Caira, or the support coordinator for my sister. When the phone calls did come through it was from a no caller ID to one of us and often we were not able to take the call for other reasons, the NDIS caller never left messages, never notified us that they tried to call, and there was no way to get back in touch with them. So this is absolutely providing no service whatsoever and he’s actually hindering support that the government is saying that they will provide my sister.
The third issue is NDIS say that they provide services for people. But the communication between all the services is not connected. So person that might come to see my sister as an OT. Has no idea about her. A Caira will turn up on a Monday to see her and have no idea about her because she’s been changed Schiff’s randomly at the last minute to save money. The communication is appalling. And I’ve often observed that if this communication or lack of communication happened in another industries, and those people causing the miscommunication would’ve been sacked. But NDIS seem to get away with so much blundering and ineffectiveness that many service providers that I’ve spoken to say it’s the worst organisation have ever worked with. So this year after three years of having to deal with NDIS. Sending over 2000 emails in that time period, of wasting my work hours to make phone calls to try and affectively get the proper supports in place because the support coordinators couldn’t do it properly, as men I have had to resign from having anything to do with NDIS any more, this is saddened me for my sister sake but my life cannot go on any more Dealing with NDIS. There must be better governance over so many areas in NDIS. It is ineffective. And I do feel you need to get more lawyers involved. So the people that are unaccountable are actually held on accountable for their inability to do their jobs. It is really like an organisation that has many many secret closet doors have all this stuff going on in the background the people don’t talk about, don’t acknowledge or fix

It’s a broken system

I have pages and pages of experiences over the last three years where the major areas occurred. We are things in communication, and lack of people doing their job properly actually created worst situations. There were situations where if I had the time I could’ve got legal people involved. And believe me I’m not someone that wants to complain all the time, but when I see the damage done on someone with a disability, it is just so profoundly unbelievable. My sister was told by NDIS that they would remove her for from a family situation and be provided accommodation. NDIS did not provide accommodation for my sister and during the first year of Covid over a 10 year period my sister was moved with a disability and after being abused by a family member, she was moved in and out of 10 different types of accommodation in 10 months. And that was at the a direction of NDIS support people that were grappling with trying to solve a problem that they actually closed in the first place. When they couldn’t sell things like this they then the light on the family members to come running and fix issues one after another one after another one after another. In any other business where this kind of behaviour or treatment had happened there would be lawyers involved.

How do these three main problems affect you and/or others?

To be honest it made me suicidal. For the first time in my life at the age of 50 to one month ago I didn’t care if I didn’t live any more. And this is because of the stress involved in dealing with NDIS from my sister

What do you think are possible solutions to those problems?

There needs to be more governance. There needs to be a legal team involved in the governance. There needs to be more service providers with the skill set to engage family in with the support for the client. Many people that I were linked with with NDIS support coordinators. Just did not have the skill set to do things professionally. They were well below providing a professional service. Hire people with higher grades of credentials. Proper recording and governance over phone calls emails and communication and support coordinators

What parts of the NDIS are working well for you?

To be honest I can’t even answer that. Because there was so much damage done

Is there anything else that you would like to tell the NDIS Review?

It is very sad that the government can provide NDIS as an option to people that really really need it, but when the system is broken, it has got to be looked at in depth. Not just a Band-Aid approach.

The restrictions on the use of the funding, can also a times B to challenging and lengthy. And example is my sister lost her Caira and I had to actually ask her support coordinator to find a new one. It took six weeks to replace one Caira with another Caira and 70 pages of documentation for myself to read through And sign. This should’ve been done by the support coordinator but because they were on annual leave, we were left to deal with this. This is a simple example the lack of governance, and a lack of proper service. If you go to the dentist and book in an appointment you expect to get a dentist there, not turn up and have no dentist to look at your teeth? So why in this example Was someone on annual leave and no service being provided for that time? And no governance over a replacement support coordinator