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Submission SUB-C1V4-002222 (Anonymous)

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10 areas for improvement
How you would define reasonable and necessary?

Unfortunately the NDIS Act, Legislation does not support NDIA Employees to make consistent decisions for participants. The Act & Legislation is so broad and its open for interpretation. There needs to be a strengthening of these mechanisms to enable a more consistent approach.
In addition, there needs to be a clear statement around section 34c of the act. That being in what order does an NDIA delegate consider a participants plan and funding. Currently, there is significant ambiguity to
Reasonable and Necessary
Value for Money (This is my view is the singular biggest conundrum within the act)
Choice and Control.

These need to be clearly changed as to the act having order in which a decision maker makes decisions.

How should housing and living options be improved to build a good life?

This is bigger than an NDIS issue - this becomes a broader Government issues across multiple platforms and the NDIS can not be singular solution. The review should consider things such as Tax Exemptions to house sharing / host modelling (It occurs currently with Refugees & Overseas Students) to fill blank / spare spaces within homes

Additionally, the states and territories are holding on to large scale, outdated accommodation and the review should be considering how government can get S&T to sell off these assets to refresh and reenvisage a future home arrangement