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We are an honest family and both my brother, and I are doing our best to care for our beautiful sister. The implementation of all the decisions against Mary have been done so without any consultation with my sister or us as a family. We have lost both mum and dad and Mary's wishes have not been looked at whatsoever. She has high anxiety now since dad has passed away and we have not been heard. She does not understand why I cannot be her paid Support Worker/Carer and why we are pushed against without any voice from Mary? The NDIA has employed a Lawyer to fight my sister which is insane. We are NOT asking for additional funding as this is already contained within her Plan. It's meant to be a system of choice for Carers and providers/services, but it is sadly not the case. The second major issue is that I have been showering my sister standing in the bathtub which is quite dangerous as the shower base is completely broken and quite unsafe to use. This has been over 8 months now. Why have the NDIA asked for full house plans when the repairs are only in the Bathroom/WC? Not many people have access to the house plans especially if the house was bought already built? The builder was quite bemused for this request. Why is the current size shower ok to use in its current size until it is now broken, and the size is now not ok? the one quote we had is approx. $17K for multiple repairs etc. to make living in the house safe but according to the NDIA, it needs to be made bigger etc. resulting in brickwork, window size changes etc. which the builder said would be 2-3 times the existing quote. How is this then OK when we have kept the price substantially less and the NDIA saying now, and we have to get an Architect to draw the house plans 9approx. $3-4K and get new quote all the while my sister is in danger with potential falls in the Bathroom? The system is broken when we are forced to pay for an Architect and new quotes which would blow the total completely out of the equation. It should NOT be a one size fits all Policy and there should be discretion on the part of the Team based on all the OT Reports we have, quote, support letters. It's always a fight with their Staff constantly pushing back on us and I am exhausted from having to fight for my sister's rights all the time like this. "If we don't like it, then go to the AAT" is always thrown back at us. This is a major reason why costs to the scheme have blown out. It is also out of control with Lawyer fees instead of mediation which would keep costs down. Also, we are blessed to have such a wonderful Support Coordinator managing my sister's affairs and I have great concerns about the fees the NDIA set for Allied Health. Why are the fees set so high. At approx. $200/hr. is obscene and we go to a decent Physio for her that does not charge us this amount. Please help us so we can help our sister. Please note that our late Father was a tireless champion for the disabled Community over many decades as a volunteer and founder of the ASAPD to help people with disabilities, was awarded a Centenary Medal and citation signed by the then Governor General and PM Howard for his services to the Community and helped hundreds of families and yet we can't get a small bit of help for our sister. Much time has elapsed, and My sister continues to feel abandoned and it's really dangerous for falls potential in the bathroom. This is NOT how the NDIA Scheme was initially set up for by Minister Shorten and the Team. Instead, now it is fighting with the very Participants you are meant to support. My brother Nabil and myself are happy to chat to whomever we need to help our sister. Regards and thank you for your time from <redacted>