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Submission SUB-C3G5-000311 (Anonymous)

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What are your three main problems or concerns with the NDIS?

1- I believe too many people exploit the whole process of NDIS. We are under the sensory umbrella and people claiming rugs and furnishings when you would normally buy them anyway is a joke... they claim sound absorption but that is so wrong.
2- I do not believe our government can sustain NDIS with so any people claiming things like respite and thr above. Other than the really high needs of intellectually impaired, ASD or physically impaired clients should be eligible as their carers really would need a break. I do not believe NDIS should be paying to take kids to school, people are treating it like a babysitting service. As nice as things like horse riding and the likes are, company's are just seeing it as a revenue raising business rather the volunteer services they originally were. NextSense included.
3- So many people are claiming therapy when they haven't used it in years. My son's therapists who we have been seeing for years can pick and choose their clients. I would hate to be on a waiting list now as we wouldn't be seen. We did originally have Auslan lessons and due to the fact we couldn't get lessons (and when we first did Deaf Services would not budge on their hour long lessons even though I repeatedly asked for 30 minutes as my son was very fatigues after being at school all day and could not sit through the lesson) I went online and signed up to Lisa Mills Online. It is cheaper than one lesson with a Deaf person, we learn at our own pace, we can revisit lessons and print out any resources we need. I am sure there are others too but that is who we use Unless you don't use devices (hearing aids or cochlears) Auslan one to one should not exist and offer the pre-recorded online classes and save my tax payer money. Honestly the people using this want basic Auslan and do not need a fluent Auslan user to teach them the basics.

How do these three main problems affect you and/or others?

Time and time again I hear on Facebook sites what people have successfully claimed and it makes my blood boil. I could not claim a mini mic which cost $400 for my son to hear better in shops, the car and sport yet our case manager wrote up a claim for $600 for my son's club foot- I did not even have this in his claim and yet they were prepared to throw money at something I didn't even ask for and the thing I really needed got rejected. I paid for it as I really needed it for my son and use every single day.
I think NDIS is becoming a rort and will send our government broke. It is not sustainable.

What do you think are possible solutions to those problems?

Do an audit of what people claim and where they live and the people who write the reports as what one person is approved another is rejected even though they look very similar. You cannot honestly tell me NDIS should pay for curtains in a home? I just ordered my son new swimming ear plugs and when they arrived Hearing Australia said they could charge it to NDIS. I said as nice as that would be I was buying them for my son regardless of him being deaf, just as I did for my child who is not under NDIS.
People have to realise that kids do get sick of going to therapy. I know my son is and our goal is to be finished before high school.

What parts of the NDIS are working well for you?

I like the managed as all I have to do is sign. One less hastle for a full time working parent.