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Submission SUB-C3J6-000069 (Mark Toomey)

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Mark Toomey
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Is there anything else that you would like to tell the NDIS Review?

It is difficult to imagine that the Review is unaware of the extensive concerns held by participants and their carers regarding the NDIA performance in respect of access to the scheme and development of participant plans. While there are hints to awareness, I don't see anything yet that says the review will address these concerns.

The Joint Standing Committee on the NDIS is conducting an inquiry into the culture and capability of the NDIA. A substantial majority of submissions to this inquiry go directly to the issues mentioned above. I have uploaded my submission to ensure that it is visible to the review and to prompt the review team to take into account the many other submissions that point to the true NDIA culture, which at the very least must be seen as an abject failure in the context of the mission of the agency.

I have no qualms in declaring that I have experienced immense psychological and financial harm through 7 years of battling for fair outcomes for my son. What distresses me most is the certain knowledge that thousands of others have been harmed far more.

Please take into account these concerns and thoroughly investigate the way that the access and planning decisions are made, and whether the decisions are fair and reasonable.

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