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Submission SUB-C3L4-000764 (Darren)

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What are your three main problems or concerns with the NDIS?

Conflict of interest - it is unconscionable that a provider can provide plan management and support coordination services to the same participant. Similarly, support coordination and therapeutic supports. I have even seen equipment suppliers also providing therapeutic supports. One of the easiest ways to save money is to eliminate conflicts of interest.

Plan management - a complete waste of money and only provides yet more red tape and delays to participant services. Agency managed participants are by far the easiest way for providers to make a service booking (upon receipt of authorised service agreement) and quickly get on with services. It provides certainty for providers and, should there be funding issues, providers can engage directly with participants and/or support coordinators, further empowering participants.

Unregistered providers - as a provider of therapeutic supports, we rightly are required to demonstrate our ability to provide quality services, by way of audits and NDIS registration. The easiest way to eliminate fraud and corruption is to enforce all providers to be NDIS registered, no exceptions, and follow this up with periodic audits.

Inequality in what is suppose to be an equal system - Time and time again we are seeing well educated and affluent participants receiving a disproportionate amount of funding when compared to their lower SES peers. Participants with a higher status, and ability to self advocate, get everything they want (often not meeting the reasonable and necessary criteria) when those without a voice, and who need it most, get the bare minimum. They have to accept what they get and are totally reliant on having someone advocate on their behalf. The scheme should at least be means tested.