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Submission SUB-C4N9-003351 (Anonymous)

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What are your three main problems or concerns with the NDIS?

Not know exactly what is available.
Having to beg for basic services due to lack of funding.
The people doing the plans have no empathy or understanding what it's like to have someone with a disability and they seem like they don't care. All they do is tick a box. They don't care about the reasons.

How do these three main problems affect you and/or others?

My kids miss out on important therapies.
It adds stress to myself as I've now got to personally fund their therapy.
They don't have the opportunity to live a regular life and are reminded of that every time I say I can't take them to therapy as I've got to work to earn the money to pay for the therapy

What do you think are possible solutions to those problems?

Employ people who CARE!! Employ people who will listen. Employ people who can articulate what the participants need. If they have bad english the funds in the plan are always low

What parts of the NDIS are working well for you?

Being plan managed I can choose my own supports. It really frustrates me when the price for NDIS is nearly double that of a private customer.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell the NDIS Review?

Stop businesses demanding to see the kids plans in order to provide services. Stop saying they need to know they have enough funding and demanding proof. All it does is get their greedy hands on the plans they see how much is there then they work out how they can fleece all the funds for themselves and the kids have nothing left for other things.