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Submission SUB-L3G4-000423 (Kevin Watters)

Submission reference
Individual's name
Kevin Watters
Submission type
General submission
What are your three main problems or concerns with the NDIS?

1) PITC's that do not convey your needs to NDIA during reviews. 2) NDIS is not consistent with decisions... saying (zzyyxx) is NOT approved but yet others get it (that need it less)...only because of who made the decision on the day at NDIA. 3) Requiring OT reports that cost $4,000 to $5,000 for EVERY THING they write a report about... and NDIA silly enough to DEMAND and PAY for those reports... thus draining your plan of money for ZERO benefit.

How do these three main problems affect you and/or others?

1) Causes undue STRESS in dealing with LAC/PITC's and NDIS during review. All your preperation, the reports from specialists, doctors, OTs, psychologists, GPs are usually COMPLETELY ignored (yet they DEMAND them). 2) Stress and unnecessary suffering by having to go without needed supports or low-cost AT because of how 'someone is feeling' at the NDIA that day. 3) Extremely serious FRAUD by OTs completely supported and DEMANDED by the NDIA. OTs lock you into service contracts that 'demand' 20 or 30 hours PER REPORT throughout your plan. Completely draining all ALLIED HEALTH budget. In my case... I could have WEEKLY physiotherapy OR get a single report done. NOT BOTH. OT reports need to be SEPERATE from your budget and need to be invoiced directly to NDIA and NOT paid from your plan. IF the NDIA needs a report, THEY pay for it.

What do you think are possible solutions to those problems?

1) Make PITCs/LACs LIABLE for screwing up your reviews. Fines for dodgy follow ups or insufficient support offered by them. They should RECORD all requested supports and provide EVIDENCE they requested ALL of it on your behalf from the NDIA and then FORWARD any response from the NDIA to the client with explanations of WHY something requested was declined. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN. 2) & 3) = ALLOW SPECIALIST DOCTOR reports / requests to OVERRIDE the necessity to have an OT write a report. ie if a specialists recommends you have air conditioning... that should be ALL thats needed. OTs are NOT DOCTORS. REFUSE to pay OTs $200 an hour to type a letter for you or make a phone call. They are NOT LAWYERS either. That rate of pay is a RORT of the NDIS and is fully supported by the NDIA. Make SUPPORT AGREEMENTS illegal with OTs. They need to provide a 'quote' for a 'report' and invoice for it ONLY once completed... not before hand and not 20 hours worth for 1 report as Ive been charged. DISALLOW OTs to invoice for reports across 2 plans, like mine did. $4,000 one plan, $4,000 on another plan for a report that was 3 PAGES LONG and that has nearly ZERO chance of being accepted/approved. In my case, Mater Healthcare ILLEGALLY invoices ahead of time for work NOT done and NDIA ignores this. ZERO hours of documentation provided to NDIA for $8,000 and NDIA DEMANDS it ? That is seriously WRONG. Make ALL reports from OTs available for viewing in the client portal with the ability for the client to COMMENT / support / refute ANY reports made on their behalf. Allow client to REQUEST NDIA to query invoices submitted by OTs. Make OTs make detailed invoices showing hours of typing, emails, phone calls, visits etc LIKE A LAWYER does if they charge Lawyer like fees.

What parts of the NDIS are working well for you?

Providing support workers to help me in my home. Providing physiotherapy services through Allied Health Services budget.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell the NDIS Review?

Every year it becomes more and more apparent that the NDIA does NOT CARE about the people they are supposed to support. They ignore plea's and appeals. They make the client (DISABLED PEOPLE) run hurdles to interact with them. THEY add to the disabled persons stress and illness. Its criminal.

Nobody that uses the NDIS feels they have any value, nor do we feel you listen to us. Nor do we feel that anything we say to you or tell you will be listened to OR acted on. We EXPECT worse treatment every year. The stress makes MANY of us suicidal.