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Final report presented to Disability Ministers

On Friday 3 November we presented our final report on our review of the NDIS to Commonwealth, State and Territory Disability Ministers, at the Disability Reform Ministers Council. Our report will now be considered by National Cabinet.

Our report has been informed by a year of deep engagement with people with disability and their families, representative organisations, participants, workers, providers, governments and more. We have spoken to or heard from about 8,000 people. This includes almost 4,000 submissions. We have held both in person and online meetings, roundtables and feedback sessions. Together we have spent thousands of hours listening to your experience of the NDIS and the ways you want it to change.

We thank each of you who have contributed to our review, for trusting us with your experiences, for your vision for a more inclusive and fairer Australia and for your ideas for change. We could not have done our job without you.

You have told us that the NDIS is life changing, but is not always working well or in the best interest of all people with disability. There are deep issues that can cause stress and anxiety. Your stories and ideas have been instrumental in shaping our recommendations.

We have come up with a package of recommendations. They are practical, interdependent, and based on evidence.

Our report and our recommendations are now with governments for their consideration. Both in our report and during our meeting we emphasised to Ministers that these changes will only be successful if all levels of government work in partnership and continue to engage deeply with the disability community with the disability community.

Read more about our presentation to Disability Reform Ministers through the Disability Reform Ministerial Council Meeting Communique.

Governments will decide when to release our report to the public. We understand they intend to do so after National Cabinet has met to consider the report. Once that decision is made, the report and other information, such as fact sheets and frequently asked questions, will be available on our website.

Once again thank you for being part of this important review.

With best wishes and our gratitude,

Bruce and Lisa