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The future of the NDIS and where we are heading

The Review panel was in Newcastle today, talking with the local disability community about the work we have done to date, as well what the next steps are.

Hosted by NDIS Review co-chair Lisa Paul AO PSM, the Panel discussed the five challenges raised in the recently published ‘What we have heard report'.

Two events were held, one for participants and one for service providers. The panel outlined the key reforms they are considering including:

  • Making sure the NDIS is part of a broader and joined up system of support, so there is support for all people with disability, not just for NDIS participants.
  • Rethinking how NDIS budgets are put together, including making sure ‘reasonable and necessary supports’ are set at an overall package level rather than creating budgets line-by-line.
  • Changes to the approach for early childhood, with investments in supports and early intervention practices that are based on best practice.

Professor Bruce Bonyhady AM, said today that while the NDIS is changing lives for the better, to protect the scheme, we must commit to real and enduring change.

“There is a need to prioritise the delivery of universal or foundational supports to the majority of people with disability and to create a joined up system rather than one which is divided it into tiers.”

“Foundational supports available for all Australians with disability would include such things as information and peer support. And for a smaller number of people there would be supports such as assistance with shopping, cooking, and cleaning.”

“Individualised supports, through the NDIS should be built in a graduated way on top of those foundational supports creating a far more equitable and sustainable system.”

The second session focussed on markets and the business of being a service provider.

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