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Making the NDIS work

Lisa Paul, co-chair of the NDIS Review was in Sydney today, talking with the Australian Services Union community about where we are in the review, the emerging views from the panel and how we are moving forward.

In Lisa’s speech she talked about how she, and the other panel members are dismayed by what they have found. And that unless significant action is taken, the integrity of the NDIS could be in danger.

There were three key things Lisa outlined as challenges that we need to see progress on.

  • Real, measurable outcomes for people with disability.
  • A renewed focus on quality of care.
  • Strengthened and greater stability to the workforce.

“We want disability work to be a sustainable career choice. We want people to be secure in their jobs and safe in their work and rewarded for their excellence. Lisa said. 

“The NDIS cannot work without disability support workers. Not only that, the NDIS cannot improve without disability support workers.”

Making the NDIS work speech