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Review attends Victorian Council of Social Services Forum

The Review panel are committed to engagement across the disability sector in support of delivering recommendations to government that puts people with disability at the centre of the NDIS.

On Thursday 27 April three members of our review secretariat were invited to attend a one day forum hosted by Victorian Council of Social Services (VCOSS) in Melbourne.

VCOSS is the peak body for Victoria’s social and community sector, and the state’s premier social advocacy body with a large member base including frontline service groups, peak bodies, advocacy organisations and self-advocacy individuals.

The forum brought together both disability advocacy and self-advocacy organisations from around Victoria to help shape their individual submissions and inform a joint submission that VCOSS are preparing.

'Forums like today present an ideal opportunity to hear and understand your perspectives on how to improve the NDIS for people with disability, families and carers.'

James MacIsaac Deputy Head NDIS Review Secretariat

We provided an overview of the Review and shared ten focus areas that will assist people with disability, families, carers and organisations in developing their submissions.

  1. The experience of people with disability with the NDIS, including access and planning
  2. Housing and living supports
  3. Quality and safeguards
  4. Supports for children and young people
  5. Markets and pricing
  6. Building the workforce
  7. Sustainability, including administering the scheme well to ensure value for money
  8. Coordination between the NDIS and other government services
  9. Supports and inclusion for people with disability who are not eligible for an individual funding package (tier 2)
  10. How the NDIS is governed by the Commonwealth, State and Territories

We were also able to share the feedback we have received through our consultations and submissions so far and seek further feedback on these critical areas.

  • Current supports not adequately reflect the needs of people with disability, families and carers
  • Navigating the NDIS ecosystem is confusing and complex
  • People with disability, families and carers are not sufficiently involved
  • There are unclear roles and responsibilities
  • Funding and investment across supports and jurisdictions is insufficient, siloed, uncoordinated and lacks a clear strategy
  • There is a lack of data and evidence

The forum was a great opportunity to hear from and gain clearer understanding of the challenges faced by the community organisations and advocacy groups when accessing and working with the NDIS.

‘We deeply acknowledge the expertise that advocates working with people with disability bring to the review. You have a unique window into what is working and what is not working.’

Mary Sayers Advisor NDIS Review Secretariat.

And provided a platform for us to engage directly with smaller advocacy organisations that do not always have the opportunity to voice their ideas.

'We heard that the NDIS system is complex and people with disability, their families and carers need help to better find and access the supports they need. We also heard that the NDIA requires reams of evidence, but this is often not read or used, and this leads to appeals.'

Mary Sayers Advisor NDIS Review Secretariat.

The insights gained at through engaging with people with lived experiences and organisations like VCOSS are valuable to the NIDS review as we continue to build a deeper understanding of what needs to be done to improve the NDIS.

'We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to hear from people with disability and the sector at today’s information and consultation session.'

Daniel Franklin Advisor NDIS Review Secretariat

Your insights, ideas and solutions are vital in shaping the Review’s recommendations.