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We want to hear from you about how to achieve a reset of the Framework in order to drive more effective quality and safeguarding arrangements in the NDIS. The questions below are posed to guide you in providing feedback. However, when providing a submission, you do not need to answer each question individually, or at all. You can respond to these questions and the issues identified in this paper in a way that best suits you.

  1. What is working well about the Framework? What is not working well to promote safeguards of people with disability and the quality of supports?
  2. Is there still a need for a Framework? If so:
    1. What role should the Framework play going forward?
    2. What should a future Framework look like?
    3. What monitoring of the implementation and ongoing effectiveness of the Framework is required?
  3. What supports, services and actors should the Framework cover?
  4. What changes are required to the roles and responsibilities of different actors in the Framework?
    1. How could these actors work together better to deliver a coordinated approach to quality and safeguarding?
  5. What changes are required to the types of strategies and measures implemented under the Framework? For example:
    1. How should the Framework go about balancing different priorities, such as the balance between protecting people with disability from harm and promoting their choice and control; and the balance between ensuring regulatory approaches support market entry and quality service delivery while protecting participants who are at risk of harm?
    2. What is required to drive improvements in the quality of supports and services?
    3. What is required to ensure the regulation of providers and workers is proportionate and effective?