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Our Approach: Summary from the Panel

Purpose of this paper

The purpose of this paper is to briefly outline our approach to the review and to provide ways that you can have your say. The full paper can be found on our website.

Why a review?

On 18 October 2022, the Minster for the NDIS the Hon Bill Shorten MP announced an independent review of the NDIS, which all Australian governments have committed to. The review’s terms of reference are available on our website. In fulfilling our terms of reference, we have been asked to report directly to the Disability Reform Ministers’ Meetings. These meetings bring all Australian governments together on a regular basis to ensure the NDIS and related support services are provided to achieve the scheme’s aims.

Who are we?

We have been appointed to form an independent review panel. We come from a range of backgrounds and areas of expertise. The Panel is chaired by Ms Lisa Paul AO PSM and Professor Bruce Bonyhady AM. The other panel members are: Ms Judy Brewer AO, Mr Kevin Cocks AM, Ms Kirsten Deane OAM, Mr Dougie Herd and Dr Stephen King. For more information about us please refer to our website.

NDIS reforms and previous reviews

In undertaking our work it will be important for us to take into account relevant reviews and consultations that have already occurred or are underway. We will consider the contributions that the disability community and many others have already made.

Acknowledging what is working and what needs improving

We know for many people with disability, the NDIS has been a very positive experience, but we also understand that this has not been the case for all. We will work openly to understand the many issues which have already been raised by the disability community, which will also include what is working well and also what you believe needs to change.

Our approach to listening to you

We recognise the importance of listening to you as participants and your families and carers; representative organisations, workers and providers; and the wider disability community.

We know as NDIS participants that you are the experts in how the NDIS affects your lives. You have direct experience of the impact of the NDIS and might want to share your ideas and skills on how to make the NDIS work better. We want to engage in a way that ensures that we are:

  1. Sharing power and information
  2. Hearing from people who may not have been heard before.
  3. Working openly and with humility

Our approach to hearing from you is flexible, not fixed. We will listen and adapt as we go. If you want to get in touch about how we should engage with you, please contact us.