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Working together to deliver the NDIS - supporting analysis

This document provides supporting analysis on the recommendations in the Final Report of the Independent Review of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. It is designed for those with a deep interest in the NDIS. It provides more detail on the findings, considerations and analysis that contributed to development of our recommendations. It also provides detailed implementation guidance to assist policy makers and regulators.

We recognise people are unlikely to read this supporting analysis cover to cover, but rather refer to the detail for their area of interest. This has shaped how we have drafted and compiled the analysis.

Chapters are structured thematically and broadly follow the order of the recommendations as they appear in the Final Report:

  1. Chapter 1: Foundational supports and mainstream services (Recommendations 1-2)
  2. Chapter 2: Participant pathway, including children with disability and developmental concerns and people with psychosocial disability (Recommendations 3-7)
  3. Chapter 3: Housing and living supports (Recommendations 8-9)
  4. Chapter 4: Markets and workforce (Recommendations 10-11, 13-15)
  5. Chapter 5: Quality and safeguards (Recommendations 12, 16-19)
  6. Chapter 6: Governance and outcomes (Recommendations 20-23)
  7. Chapter 7: Sustainability

Each chapter is organised around the recommendations from the Final Report. The chapter provides further analysis and evidence relating to each action in a recommendation. We have also included further information on implementation detail as a guide for governments.

The Final Report also contains a section on ‘A five year transition’ (Recommendations 24-26). This provides guidance for governments implementing our proposed reforms. These recommendations are covered at the end of this introduction and are reflected in the implementation detail throughout all chapters.

Many elements of our recommendations intersect, reflecting the unified nature of the ecosystem of disability support we recommend creating. This means some issues or the effects on some people with disability are spread across a number of recommendations. This is particularly true of recommendations relating to children with disability or developmental concerns and people with psychosocial disability. We have drawn out these interdependencies with cross-referencing. In some cases, information is repeated in relevant sections to guide the reader.