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Transcript - Message from the Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme

[Minister Shorten] Hello.
Did you know it's almost a decade to the day since the National Disability Insurance Scheme was created?

So, I'm really pleased to announce our Government's NDIS review.

I love the NDIS.

I think it's done wonders for people with disability, their families, and carers.

I'm very proud, so proud, to have been involved in its development and creation.

In fact, there's nothing that I'm more proud of in my working life.

I think it's one of the best things, probably the best thing that Australia has done this century.

Probably the best thing since Medicare actually.

But for too many people accessing support though has become problematic.

For too many people the Scheme has developed into a source of stress and anxiety.

We need to make sure that it delivers on its promise.

Our independent review of the NDIS will have people with disability at its heart.

We will work with them, for them.

It will be Co-Design.

I and the Albanese Government want to make sure that our national disability safety net is strong and responsive, generous, and reasonable.

We want it to do what it's meant to do - to provide choice and control for people with disability.

Now I'm confident the review will identify ways we can improve the NDIS to get it back on track, so it's more effective, empathetic and stands the test of time.

Friends, we don't have a day to waste.

I know that many people have already told their stories and suggested ideas of how to improve it.

You might well be feeling tired and think not another review.

But this review with be the review of reviews.

It will take into account all the existing evidence about the Scheme’s problems and potential solutions.

You won't have to go back to the start again and tell us everything.

We know some of that, but we want to hear from you.

It will be led by people with disability.

It will genuinely engage, not just consult - tell you what we've decided, and you do it.

We'll be asking you for your solutions.

The final report will be handed down no later than October next year.

But that doesn't mean we have to wait until then to fix up the Scheme.

I will personally make sure that where interim findings are suggested, we'll implement them.

Where solutions are known, we'll just do them.

We want to work together.

You and I, the people of Australia, people with disability.

We can make this a Scheme that the whole world looks at and wishes they had.

And we'll make sure that it stands the test of time.

[End Transcript]