How will we make the NDIS better?

An NDIS document under a magnifying glass.

We want to review the NDIS.

A man reading a document, with a speech bubble showing a thumbs up and another one showing a thumbs down.

When we review something, we check to see what:

  • works well
  • can be better.

A document titled 'Terms of Reference' with a tick.

We will follow our Terms of Reference to do this.

A woman thinking, and a document showing a magnifying glass and a question mark.

Our Terms of Reference explain what we must include and think about in our review.

Our Terms of Reference will focus on 2 parts:

An NDIS document, and a question mark.

1. How the NDIS works

A shop front, and a services icon.

2. The market of disability services and workers

We explain these more on the following pages.