What will happen in our review?

An NDIS document , and an arrow going over 2 obstacles of different sizes.

We will work out what challenges the NDIS faces.

For example, what might stop the NDIS from working well.

A person holding up a sign. On the sign is an arrow pointing from a thumbs down to a thumbs up.

And we will also work out how to make the NDIS better.

A woman supporting an NDIS participant, and a goals icon.

For example, how the NDIS can support participants to work towards their goals.

A diverse group of people with a speech bubble showing a lightbulb.

We will ask the community to share their ideas and experiences.

This includes participants and providers.

A man thinking, and a thumbs up and strong arm icon.

And we will learn what stops the market:

  • working well
  • being strong.

We will also work with the community to:

A smiling woman giving 2 thumbs up.

  • make sure the NDIS works well

A shop front and a muscular arm flexing.

  • make the market stronger.