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Submission SUB-B0T6-002833 (Anonymous)

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General submission
What are your three main problems or concerns with the NDIS?

1. Unresolved sustainability on behalf of providers. Providers losing money
2. Untrained, unqualified, unregistered, unregulated workforce issues
3. Inequity of the scheme - some get heaps, others nothing. Depends on money.

How do these three main problems affect you and/or others?

1. The less providers available, the poorer the service
2. Workforce issues lead to poor outcomes
3. If people have the funds to afford legal representation at appeals, they get awarded everything. SO UNFAIR

What do you think are possible solutions to those problems?

1. Payb the providers a reasonable fee-for-service. Audit them
2. Only allow trained and regulated staff into the system
3. Set tighter criteria for services, but allow all to participate, not just the wealthy

What parts of the NDIS are working well for you?

In the main, lovely people work within the NDIA system. Most carers and workers go beyond the normal call of duty, for which they are not adequately recompensed. Most providers are approachable, but are snowed under with rules, regulations, audit and red tape. NDIS has really no idea of the real world, business functions, profitability and the competitive market.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell the NDIS Review?

I have been a volunteer in the NDIS system since its inception. The scheme is necessary and I for one am determined to see it work and flourish. I just wish NDIS were less inflexible and bureaucratic, would open their eyes to the real world around them and would listen more