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Submission SUB-B1S2-001169 (Robert Galea)

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Robert Galea

The portal is awful, particularly for registering critical incidents, including death. For more serious incidents there should be human interaction as they can be far more complex than a clunky computer system. At the very least stream incident reports into different categories & cease looking for additional info on the way through, such as staff detail forms etc. It's a genuinely awful & traumatic experience for providers, who not surprisingly may well be affected by the death of someone they have known for years.
There is a desperate need to address non-registered providers and a review of the compliance expected of CAS providers. There's an underlying assumption that providers have total control over people's lives. This may be true of some SIL arrangements but the bulk of providers do not have it or want it. There's a need for this to be reviewed and the opportunity may present should non registered be drawn into having to be registered.
If you ignore the components that actually focus on support, an outsider would incorrectly guess that we are running health or medical services. The extreme focus on this area is likely to result in poor quality elsewhere. It comes cross as downloading risk quite frankly, as well as reactive. Far better to actually penalise those doing wrong.
Quality has been lost as a focus and compliance has become over-bearing.