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Submission SUB-H3Q1-002819 (David Peachey)

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David Peachey
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10 areas for improvement
Is there anything else that you would like to tell the NDIS Review?

The clarification of the definition of Reasonable and Necessary is a critical starting point for addressing other issues raised in the "What we have heard report". I believe it should be prioritised for prompt and immediate resolution as it will help define the basic understanding for the solutions to be developed for other issues under review and provide consistent and clear parameters for NDIS Planners.
Please do not wait, delay, justify, or prevaricate. Please do it immediately as the current state of confusion and misinterpretation is having a strongly negative impact on my daughter's level of funded supports and on the mental health of my wife and me as her carers, advocates, and NDIS Nominees.

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Attachment 2: SUB-H3Q1-002819 180.16 KB
Attachment 2: SUB-H3Q1-002819 180.16 KB