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Submission SUB-M4S2-001888 (Lee P)

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Lee P
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10 areas for improvement
How can we empower you through the planning process?

After discussing with my specialist & gp they told me I needed to apply for NDIS to get a wheelchair as the 2nd hand one I purchased was doing me more harm than good. I also required better equipment and modifications to bathrooms.
I completed all the NDIS forms and sent in everything I had, which is difficult S there is no one to guide or assist you.
I recieved a letter to say I didn't qualify. I phoned and spoke to a lady who said that I didn't qualify I was not handicapped enough and might get better.
I explained to her that the 3 surgeries have had were an attempt to rectify the injury and it had not been successful. That at 62 the degenerative disease in my spine was not likely to miraculously improve, and once you had a fail tendon transfer leaving you unable to walk there was no going back, the muscles were destroyed.
She told me there is always hope.
Well I liked her positive attitude and told her I would not wish this on her and the fact I just need a wheelchair that fits.
Today I still don't have the wheeand have drained every bit of savings making my home accessible so I can toilet, shower, eat, sleep.

What is the best way to provide supports for those not in the NDIS?

As a disability pensioner who has a full time carer, I would suggest you make some items available to those on the disability pension. Especially wheelchairs, walkers etc

How you would define reasonable and necessary?

Necessary means to me to able to live a normal standard of life.
Reasonable would be reasonable of what a normal person without a disability would expect.

How can the market be better designed, structured and supported?

I live a 30 mins drive from a regional city Bunbury WA. I can't drive anymore, there are no public hydrotherapy facilities, there are no facilities to help adult disabled unless you are on NDIS so what can a person do. Jack didly squat

How should outcomes and performance be measured and shared?

I can make good decisions one just needs the govt to step up and stop making bad ones.
The govt needs to recognise people who are older than 60 who have a disability and find ways to help so they can go back into society.

How would you build better outcomes or goals into your plan?

Without correctly aligned equipment to help me move and correct therapies back when I was 59 I am now 63 I have had to be on a disability pension with a full-time carer, when instead I could have been working even part time as my professional accountant. But as I don't have & can't afford professionally fitted equipment now that is lost.

What does good service from someone helping you navigate the NDIS look like?

A centre in at least the regional town that can help you go through and help fill in the forms, advise you what else you require, talk to you like you are a person. It is a daily struggle and I am sure there are many people like me who don't tick your normal little boxes and need more complex understanding by someone who has some medical knowledge of what has happened to them