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The NDIS Review panel would like to thank all who have taken the time to share their lived experience with the NDIS Review. Your insights, ideas and solutions are key to shaping the future of the NDIS. Since the start of the Review has received more than 2,500 submissions from participants, their families and those that support them. The information contained within these submissions is fundamental to the review recommendations presented to government.

The privacy and security personal information is important to us, and is protected by law. Only the submissions to the review who indicated and agreed to make them public have been published. Some submissions have omitted 'In confidence' content – this content or all parts of the submission are not online.

We are actively uploading submissions. If you are unable to locate your submission please note they will be published in the near future. If you have any questions please contact us at


Submissions to the NDIS Review has come in many formats – email, on-line, full documents in PDF. The NDIS Review is committed to ensuring that the information on its website is widely accessible. If you experience problems accessing pages or reading/downloading files, please contact the NDIS Review Secretariat via our contact form.

We have redacted personal information from submissions made anonymously where individuals could be reasonably identified.

The views or opinions expressed in submissions are those of the author. We are publishing the submissions to inform public debate and scrutiny of the conduct of the consultations.

If a person has any concerns about the publication of a submission, they should contact us via Where those concerns relate to an individual's privacy, you should cc the Department’s Privacy Officer (

The Department will investigate and, if appropriate, remove the content.

Further information about how the Department handles and protects personal information is contained in the Department's Privacy Policy.

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Submitter Submission type Submission reference
Melissa Cameron General submission SUB-H0Z5-000573
Community Home Australia General upload SUB-H1L6-001096
Martin General submission SUB-H1M9-002640
Hope Christian Homes Ltd General upload SUB-H1X7-000231
Anonymous General submission SUB-H1Z4-001512
Su Ra General submission SUB-H1Z6-002448
Anonymous 10 areas for improvement SUB-H2F3-002715
Emerge Australia General upload SUB-H3C2-001727
Anonymous General submission SUB-H3H2-000687
David Peachey 10 areas for improvement SUB-H3Q1-002819
Carers Tasmania General upload SUB-H3V9-002502
Parenting and Family Research Alliance General upload SUB-H3W2-002875
Abacus Learning Centre General upload SUB-H3Y0-002818
Autism Asperger’s Advocacy Australia (A4) General upload SUB-H3Z8-001495
Helen Pitcher General submission SUB-H4K9-001391
Amy General submission SUB-H4P6-000979
Leanne Green General submission SUB-H5F9-000512
Ericka Kronsteiner General submission SUB-H5G9-000383
Karen Warren General submission SUB-H5R3-002526
Redshed Architects Pty Ltd General submission SUB-H6P7-000479
Peggy Pearce General submission SUB-H7D4-002433
Grant Roberts General submission SUB-H7W5-000126
Ability Round table General upload SUB-H7Y3-001353
Jesse Deigan 10 areas for improvement SUB-H7Z2-002505
Settlement Services International General upload SUB-H8F9-003017